Making vegetarian food from scratch leaves you with a good amount of skins, seeds, leaves and all other inedible bits and pieces of plants. The idea that I put this in a plastic bag to mix with all the other trash, this smelly m

ess then gets driven to a dump to accumulate and stink and from there to its final disposal destination just seems absurd. Why waste so much energy to shuttle water and fiber from one place to the other. What could be better and easier than to make nice fertile soil !  I have composted for years, but it was a daily battle against Monster Racoon and herds of vermin. Monster Racoon managed to open a very heavy, tightly closed compost bin lid every night – no matter how large the stone I put on it. I was seriously considering investing in an infrared camera to find out how they do it. I was getting tired of anything tasty being thrown around  in a wide perimeter every night.

I think I have found the solution.  The bin is closed and it can be rotated to speed up the decomposition process. Only downside : you need 2 of them.    Number 1 is nearly full, a lot of the material has breaking down nicely.  We seem to fill up the bin in 4-6 weeks.  When it gets to heavy to rotate I start filling the second one. One month later the first batch of compost should be good to go.  Cant wait to see the first results.

One response to “Compost

  1. Wow, Christa is writing. Love it! I never thought you would become a woman of the feather. In school you would rather deal with five extra difficult maths problems than with one little essay. You followed Mark Twain, who used to say: ‘I’d rather decline two drinks than one German verb!’
    But there you go and write and that is what I have always loved about you: you are always good for a surprise!
    I envy you your big garden, mine is in North Sydney, that means pretty much in the middle of a city with 4.5 million inhabitants and about as big as a stamp. Too small for a proper compost bin! Also we do not have raccoon, only possums. And they eat not only all herbs, even the chillies but also the pretty pink flowers of my camelias. Nevertheless I adore the little critters and I love my garden. Had a water feature installed lately and now I am thinking of putting some small native fish in there – but Tim threw one look at the water feature and the cats and declared that this would probably be the most expensive cat food ever. I guess he is right.
    So, this is a long diatribe for what I really want to say: Well done, darling!

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