Tomatoes and Chipmunks don’t mix

Fresh Tomatoes

Is there anything better than fresh sun drenched ripe tomatoes from your own garden ?

The chipmunks in my garden and I agree. This is one of the few batches that I rescued this year from the little critters. They take a least one bite of most fruit as soon as it changes color and go to great length to climb to the end of every branch of cherry tomatoes.

I tried nets in all variations, sprayed hot capsicum liquid and garlic, even bought some “coyote urin”. Unbelievable but true, you can buy that in bottles. The instructions claim that it deters all rodents. Not so my chipmunks. After about 10 minutes of distributing the bottles around the plants, they were back, climbing right over them. It does not help that we are the only property in the area without dogs. The neighbors cats visit and roam, but they can only chase so many. I have long given up on getting more that the random berry, but I had hopes for the tomatoes.

I might just give it a break for a year with the tomatoes, the money, time and energy spend to defend the fruit and vegetables in the garden goes a long way to buy heirloom on the farmers market. ¬†Fighting plant disease and animals that love the same foods that renews my respect for the work of all organic and regular farmers. Thank goodness I don’t have to survive of what I grow.

Does anybody out there have a good idea how to protect fruit and vegetables from chipmunks other than getting a pack of dogs ?

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